Hey, thanks for dropping by. I’m Budi Voogt.

I love creating. And I love music and entrepreneurship.

So I built my life around those things. I run a record label, manage artists and write about our experiences. I’ve also gotten a Business Administration degree from Erasmus University.

It started years ago when I began managing artists. After becoming frustrated by the archaic state of the industry–which provided few opportunities for talented but small artists–we wanted to do things differently.

We launched Heroic, our label group and management agency, with the goal of Empowering Creators. We discover, incubate and accelerate artists to build them sustainable careers. Our management roster includes DROELOE, WRLD and San Holo.

Artists have historically been disadvantaged because of a lack of transparency in the industry. We believe education is the way to solve this problem. An educated artist can better market herself, negotiate deals and develop musically. That’s why we’re sharing our experiences publicly. To prevent you from having to make our mistakes.

On this blog, we share our insights on marketing, the industry and copyright.

My co-founder Tim does the same over at Heroic Audio, where we cover mixing and mastering. The blog and his book, The Mastering Bible, are both terrific resources for making your music sound better.

My book, The SoundCloud Bible, contains everything an artist needs to build a career in today’s digital industry. The Third Edition is out now.

And our online school the Music Marketing Academy has the most in-depth curriculum on music marketing in the world. It’s for those who want to take things to the next level.

Whenever I’m not working, I like to read, work out and spend time with my favorite people.

If you have any questions or comments, you can get in touch with me here. And don’t forget to jam out to some Heroic tunes!


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