Announcing the Music Marketing Academy (My Online School)

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Music Marketing Academy


A while back I sent out a survey to my list.

I wanted to get your feedback on which things you are struggling with the most, what parts of music marketing you find the hardest and what you would like to ask me.

Hundreds of you answered and I appreciate that. It’s awesome to see you actually care and engage, which makes me feel humbled and reinforces why I’m doing this in the first place.


When going through the answers, the following immediately became clear to me:

Most of you are struggling with exactly the same issues.

Producers, singers, singer-songwriters, people in bands, industry professionals, aspiring managers and agents – you’re all facing the same issues


Do you know what that means?

You’re not alone in this. 

And that’s a great thing.


Not because you’re facing issues, but rather because you are all struggling with common themes;

  • How to get more exposure (I want to build an audience but have no idea where to begin)
  • Finding your audience (where do I find the people that actually care about my music?)
  • Pitching and getting through to tastemakers (it’s one thing to find them, another thing to get through to them)
  • How and where to focus your marketing efforts (which social platforms matter, which are most essential?)
  • How to manage your time (there’s so much to be done, creating, marketing)

The reason I asked you these questions because I was trying to figure out what to focus on next. What project to create where I could effectively solve multiple pain points for you at once.


And after reading all your feedback it immediately because clear to me:

I need to do a course about music marketing.

One that goes far beyond just SoundCloud, that gives a step-by-step framework that you can execute to start getting exposure and building an audience.

That’s why I’m happy to announce the Music Marketing Academy.



I am going to treat this launch differently than I ever have before.

Why? What does that mean?

Well, this project is different.

The Music Marketing Academy is such a big project that is took me over four months to make – resulting in over 44 lectures with more than 15+ hours of video content.

It is the most comprehensive thing I have ever made and includes lessons on:

  • Artistic direction
  • Building an online presence
  • Optimizing social media
  • Developing content & release strategies
  • Finding & pitching to tastemakers
  • YouTube / SoundCloud blogs
  • Online blogs and Hype Machine
  • Email Marketing
  • Tracking & analyzing fan data
  • Release timelines and marketing campaigns
  • Even case studies where we dissect our most successful releases (San Holo, Ark Patrol)

With that being said, I do not want to throw you guys in the deep.

Instead of giving you immediate access to the course, I have decided to give away three lectures for free (of almost an HOUR of total length – yes, that’s a ton of value).

This will give you a great sense of what you can expect to find in the Academy, but also whether you have what it takes to actually study, put the knowledge to practice and succeed.

Once you’ve gone through these videos, you will get the opportunity to actually enrol as a student in The Academy.


Ready for it? Get the free video series here.



  • Dan

    Honestly can’t thank you enough for the consistent stream of invaluable information you are posting here Bud (although some of it seems a bit intimidating to tackle on my own as a newer artist). Regardless, I think it’s safe to say that I am turning into a super fan of yours ;).

  • Lewieo

    What about support ? What type of support do we have ? If I enroll into the course and have questionsome who would I contact?

  • Plenty – you can always email me, Jason and Budi. Also we have a vivid community, who learn and grow together 🙂

  • Kenny

    Hi guys, finding it hard to just join the academy, whats going on?