How To Innovate (And Change The World)

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We’re all constantly drawn in multiple directions. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all places that constantly confront you with how things could be better, how others are living a more adventurous, worthy and attractive life. This is something I struggle with every day. I aspire to be the best I can be, yet I am constantly confronted with how I could be better – or to be frank – how I am … Read More

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Hack The Entrepreneur Podcast: How To Start A Record Label (And My Business Philosophy)

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  A friend of mine recently introduced me to Jon Nastor of the Hack The Entrepreneur podcast. As a big fan of podcasts, I dove deep and discovered that Jon has one of the nicest podcasts out on the web. The format is powerful and straight to the point: 30-60 minute conversions with entrepreneurs from different fields, where he ‘hacks’ them and extracts their strategies for success, drivers and philosophies. … Read More

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2014: Writing Roundup

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With the new year started, I wanted to take the opportunity to round up my writing over 2014, and to update you on what’s been going on – and what’s coming. The last quarter was exciting for us over at Heroic. We released our first album, the debut of Ark Patrol, titled Voyager. A true passion project that took months to make. It was ambitious and a first for us, … Read More

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Books that changed my view on the music industry

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I love to read. Really, I love it. It hasn’t always been like this though. Like most people, I used to be reluctant to pick up a book and read… I considered it boring, plus, there’s the internet. Yet I have always been a voracious consumer of information. About two years ago my reading habit started, when a number of bloggers that I follow collectively recommended the same books. I … Read More

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Running An Independent Label: A Year In Review

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The label More than a year and a half ago we started Heroic, our label group slash management agency. We are focused on Empowering Creators. It started as a way to release the music we loved and artists we worked with. I was managing a few acts back then, all of whom were experimental in sound and yet unestablished. We experienced a hard time getting them signed to bigger labels, specifically … Read More

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