The Artist’s Guide to Getting More Fans (on Social Media)

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In the past year, 3.175 billion people worldwide were active internet users. That’s almost half the global population. Yup, half the planet. Active social media users totaled a whopping 2.206 billion just in 2015 and has been rising since. Rapidly. (By 176 million users over 2015 alone, to be exact). What does that mean for you as an artist or creative? More reach. Those 2.206 billion people out there are more accessible than ever; … Read More

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Announcing the Music Marketing Academy (My Online School)

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  A while back I sent out a survey to my list. I wanted to get your feedback on which things you are struggling with the most, what parts of music marketing you find the hardest and what you would like to ask me. Hundreds of you answered and I appreciate that. It’s awesome to see you actually care and engage, which makes me feel humbled and reinforces why I’m doing this … Read More

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Get fans by giving away free content

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This post was originally published by my friends over at The Unsigned Guide. Check it out here. With the recent changes in the music industry, digital is quickly overtaking physical. Downloads are the future, and particularly free downloads are more common than ever. It’s what gets the fans going, and makes the bloggers happy. Free content is trending. Now that the barriers for producing quality music are lower than ever, … Read More

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How to start a DJ podcast show (and get it on iTunes)

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If you’re looking for a way to expand your audience, to showcase and practice your mixing skills and could use a good reason to connect with other musicians, starting a DJ podcast show can be a great move. In this article, I will teach you how to do this properly, from start to finish, and also teach you how to best present your show on outlets such as YouTube, Soundcloud … Read More

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