Mastering Music PR: SoundCloud Marketing, Repost Trading & Promo Channels

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The first two articles in our outbound marketing series covered the main vessel of the “PR Game”, the music blog. While blogs will always remain an important part of the music PR industry for both consumers and artists alike, musicians have recently started looking away from blogs and focusing on the key metric by which most people analyze music: play counts. Features on certain blogs certainly contribute to play counts, … Read More

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The Artist’s Guide To Spotify: Playlists, Royalties, Verified Profiles and more.

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It is undeniable that Spotify has become a major music consumption platform. In June 2015, the service reported 75 million active users, of which 20 million on a paid plan (that’s over 25%). Recently, their chief revenue officer shared that they were on track to hit the 100 million active user mark before the end of 2015. Consumers have adopted the Swedish service en masse, with Scandinavian countries leading the way, followed by the … Read More

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Announcing the Music Marketing Academy (My Online School)

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  A while back I sent out a survey to my list. I wanted to get your feedback on which things you are struggling with the most, what parts of music marketing you find the hardest and what you would like to ask me. Hundreds of you answered and I appreciate that. It’s awesome to see you actually care and engage, which makes me feel humbled and reinforces why I’m doing this … Read More

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