The SoundCloud Bible: Third Edition — Pre-order has launched

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It’s an exciting day for the team and me.

We’ve committed to making sure that our products, The SoundCloud Bible and Music Marketing Academy, are always the best in the game.

To make that a reality, we update them every year.

A few months ago I began re-reading the Second Edition of the SoundCloud Bible to investigate what would have to be updated.

SoundCloud has changed so much in the last year and a half and so have we. San Holo is approaching 300.000 followers, Heroic’s on 60k and the team has grown to over 10 staff.

My whole perspective on marketing and management has shifted. I’ve seen more deals, had the opportunity to talk to many experts in the scene and have gathered more experience overall.

All of that had to be reflected in the book. And so, the whole book had to be re-done.

Today, we can finally share the fruits of our labour.


The SoundCloud Bible: Third Edition is now available for pre-order!

Here’s a rundown of everything that’s included.


The book has tripled in size and now boasts over 300 pages, covering:

  • How to maximize your performance on SoundCloud
  • Growing your fan-base and getting more plays
  • Mastering influencer marketing: blogs, Hype Machine, YouTube & SoundCloud promoters, Submithub
  • Repost trading strategies
  • Monetizing on SoundCloud, YouTube and stores
  • Understanding copyright, how to negotiate deals and build a team
  • How to find and pitch to record labels
  • Secret tools to improve performance



Many of you have requested an audiobook, so we had to give in. 5+ hours of audio narrated by yours turly. Perfect if you’re not the reading type, or want to listen to it after reading the book to optimize retention.



To give you a deeper understanding of the industry, I sat down with innovators in each key vertical of the music industry.

These include conversations with the founders and CEOs of Trap Nation (YouTube Promoter), HillDilly (Music blog), Sentric Music (Publisher) and more – to deconstruct the things you can do to improve your performance.



I’ve created worksheets for both inbound and outbound marketing, so that you can structure our roll-out and social media strategies like the professionals. Both accompany explanatory videos, as well as an in-depth lecture on how we approach releases, so you know exactly where YouTube, blogs, premieres and all that good stuff comes in.



For you, my readers, I wanted to do something special.

If you pre-order now, you’ll get access to two hour-long marketing masterclass videos, and two case studies where I deconstruct releases of San Holo and Ark Patrol.

On launch day, the 23rd of August, we’ll remove half of these goodies. And on August 26th, the end of launch week, they’ll all be gone.



I’m confident that this is the best music marketing guide available in the world, and hope you’ll give me the opportunity to accelerate your music career.

Excited to get started? Get your copy here.