My story

About me


I’m Budi Voogt.

While I'm reluctant to categorize myself, here we go.

I'm a Dutch music entrepreneur with a passion for learning, investing in public equities and crypto, philosophy and longevity.

I'm the CEO of independent music companies Heroic, bitbird and job site MusicCareers. You can learn more about them below.

I'm driven by a desire to understand the world and my Self. One of my guiding principles is to only pursue interesting opportunities with good people. Life is too short for anything different.

Other fascinations include yoga, calisthenics, blockchains, history, finance and business. I'm also known to go out of my way for an amazing bowl of ramen.

I occasionally write essays and created this site as an outlet.

You can find me on Twitter and subscribe to receive new essays.

Be well.

- Budi

My ventures.

Heroic Music Group is an independent music group that provides artist management, label and publishing services.

We help Creators and Curators to shape and realize their visions by providing guidance, services and ensuring execution.

I co-founded the company with Tim van Doorne out of frustration with the outdated practices of the music industry.

Our purpose is to Empower Creators and Curators to positively impact culture.

bitbird is an independent label, publishing and clothing company with a focus on community.

We provide a platform for Creators and curate forward-thinking art to expand horizons, promote creativity and foster inclusivity.

The company was co-founded by San Holo and his Creative Director Thorwald. I joined as partner and CEO to scale the company.

We want to inspire people to create forever.

MusicCareers is the music industry’s global job site.

As an entrepreneur in music I was confronted with the lack of a globally oriented music job site. Existing solutions were dated and didn't emphasize key nuances of our industry, such as the increasing role of remote work, and critical role of freelance work and internships. I founded MusicCareers and partnered with General Manager David Sikorski to solve these shortcomings and speed up the industry's revival and re-employment of its many talents.

Previously, I co-founded Heroic Academy, a music education platform which used to publish digital products such as my book The SoundCloud Bible and course Music Marketing Academy.

In 2020 we discontinued the company to focus on other opportunities that excited us more. We’re keeping the blog online however, as it may be of value to the music community.