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Budi Voogt

Heya! I'm Budi.

I'm a founder turned investor.

Over the past decade I've scaled businesses in the music industry, as an artist manager (of San Holo, among others) and CEO of labels Heroic and bitbird.

I now run Striking Markets, a fund, angel investor syndicate and advisory that invests and partners with innovative blockchain and technology companies.

And I'm incubating MusicCareers, the fastest growing job site for the music industry. We emphasize international, remote and freelance work as we believe those are the future of labour markets.

I occasionally write reflections on life and business for which you can sign up below.

Recent Posts

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Voluntary confinement

Who is it that you truly are? We are taught to want to become something. To achieve some thing that we can aspire to. A profession or level of accomplishment. When we're young, the ambitions are still unlimited. We want to become astronauts, firefighters and actors. Or idolize the idea

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The story your body is telling you

Our bodies give us signals. But we don't listen. We're forever distracted, stimulated and craving comfort. We can do better, but it requires creating space.

The story your body is telling you